News 8/26/16

So I’ve got a bit of a good news bad news scenario folks.

For the time being, the official update schedule for short stories is going to be pushed back to every two weeks.

There are several reasons for this. First, the recent move and new jobs have been making my writing schedule a bit weird, which is unfortunate, but I’m confident I’ll be able to work around it once I get into the swing of things. Second, for awhile now, I’ve been wanting to spend a bit more time editing and polishing the stories I post, since I want to get a bit more serious about my writing, and the extra week to work on stories should give me a bit of that. And speaking of getting more serious about the writing, I’ve now got two projects in need of finishing. Recreational Exorcist (the novel) is still being polished, but only because I’m pretty sure I’ll never be 100% happy with it. All the same, it needs to get sent out to publishers soon (although I am looking into the benefits of self publishing as well). The second one is a children’s book I wrote this past year: Jake and His Jetpack. I’m currently looking for an illustrator for this one. I’m excited for where both of these projects are going, but in order to give them the time and focus they need, I am definitely gonna need to keep the short stories to every two weeks for now.

So that’s the story, and I hope you’ll understand and be patient with me during this very busy period.

All is not bleak though, as I do not intend to leave my readers with nothing on the no story weeks.

I’m planing to post at least ‘something’ every week. This might be more crafty things, or perhaps more asides, but definitely ‘something’ on those weeks when I don’t have a story to post. The ‘somethings’ will start this Monday (the 29th).

As always, thanks for reading, and feedback is certainly appreciated 🙂


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