Cthulhu is a Corporation

Think about it for a minute.

Really think about it.

Imagine Amazon. Not the rain-forest, the company, the corporate entity owned by Jeff Bezos. Can you imagine the size of it? The ‘size’ of Amazon’s online storefront? How many things are bought and sold through Amazon every day? Do you know?

What about Amazon’s streaming services? How many hours of video can you find on Amazon? How many hours of music and audiobooks?

What about their Alexa and “Smart-home” devices? How many homes are they in?

What about Whole-foods? How many people buy food there?

How many content creators make their living on Twitch?

How many people get their news from the Washington Post?

Websites like IMDB, game developers, professional software and hardware, the list keeps going. All parts of the great entity that Jeff Bezos has birthed, by design or assimilation.

Can you imagine it? Can you hold all the pieces of Amazon and the Jeff Bezos empire in your mind simultaneously?

I doubt it.

It is vast beyond the threshold of the human mind.

Will Amazon die?

Unless killed by the collapse of our entire society and infrastructure, or devoured and striped to the bones by another, equally vast, corporate entity, it is possible for Amazon to live on forever, to outlive even its master Jeff Bezos.

That is not dead, which can eternal lie,” as the Lovecraft quote goes.

Is Amazon evil?

Not exactly.

Amazon has no soul or moral compass, as it is merely an engine designed to generate wealth. It does great evil, there can be no doubt. But there is good done as well, incidentally if nothing else. Amazon is neither good nor evil.

It is too large to not be both.

It is above small, human concepts like good and evil.

Amazon is.

Every corporation is like this.

You can say I’m being hyperbolic, and you would obviously be right, but I would say I’m also not wrong.

Lovecraft, hyper-racist that he was, may have gotten something about the future right. The enemies of the newest century are not human, small, fleshy, and easy to kill, but vast and inhuman things, terrible and awe-inspiring in their power.

All this said, I do use Amazon. I have an Echo Dot, a Kindle, and Fire TV widget. That’s kind of the last key to the puzzle though. These things may be above morality, but they want you to like them. They need you to desire what they offer you, so that you return to them again and gain. They feed on your devotion, because that devotion is fed to them via the only thing they want: your money.

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