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Why I Stopped Writing The Flying Squirrels

So I haven’t published anything here in awhile, and the reason for that is not that I gave up writing, but rather just that I started working on a project I’d like to keep private for now. It took up … Continue reading

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Sketch Practice

Every now and again, I try my hand at sketching. I’m not very good at it. But for the last month, I’ve been trying to sketch every day I can, in an effort to get better. So here are some … Continue reading

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Raiders (chapter 2)

Inside the kidnappers flyer, Harkins could see that there was another woman at the controls in the cockpit. This one was considerably more ragtag than the woman who called herself Lovac. She wore a threadbare vest and shirt that appeared … Continue reading

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[This is based loosely on (oddly enough) an impromptu costume party that happened last Halloween. A few friends and I decided to go to a costume contest in their hometown, and being a bunch of nerds (i.e. awesome) my friends … Continue reading

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