June News!

So there is no story today as I only just got in from a trip to Chicago. There will be one up later this week though. Thanks for your patience.

You might have noticed the update schedule has been a bit erratic lately. Well there have been a couple reasons for that. First up I’ve been putting together a bit of a writing portfolio to send out with a huge application I did. I won’t hear back about it for a few months at least but I am cautiosly optimistic. Secondly, I’ve been devoting some more time to a second book while my first one is waiting to get published. It’s a bit of a change in form compared to my other stuff but I like what’s on paper so far and I hope you will as well. Thirdly, I am moving.

My wonderful girlfriend has been accepted into a graduate program, and after talking about it at length, we didn’t want to do long distance again (we spent a year apart while she was teaching abroad).

We’re moving very soon and things are starting to get very chaotic. Updates are likely to be terribly irregular through the rest of June at least.

Again, thank you for your patience.  More Flying Squirrels, 5th St Witching Hour, and Tale of Ayla should be on it’s way in the next few months, once things get back to normal (ish). Thanks for reading 🙂

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