I’ve still got meat. All my friends say I should go full-metal, but my meat is important to me. You need a brain augment if you wanna compete in the job market these days, but that doesn’t mean I have to go all the way. I did get a metal right arm though, for improved typing speed, stronger grip, and AuRGs but I kept my left arm meat. There’s just something about flesh to flesh contact with people that I’m afraid I’ll miss if I go full-metal. Same reason I won’t replace my tongue. You can talk all you want about 256bit taste programs, I like my tastebuds analog.

I get looks, sure. From both sides actually.

Pro-meat guys treat me like I’m a traitor to the species for going even halfway. They accuse me of being a monster. Something doctors without morals put together and then let loose on the world. Something pretending to be a man. It’s silly really. If I had just gone with the brain augment and not the arm, it’s not like they’d be able to tell even. I mean, I guess none of them could beat me at chess, but I was pretty good at chess to start with.

Photo by pasukaru76Not that the full-metal people are any better. They look at me like I’m handicapped. Like I’m the special kid at school who needs to wear a helmet and isn’t allowed near the permanent markers. That might actually be worse than the pro-meat guys. I don’t like being treated like I’m inferior just because I can’t run a mile in less than four minutes. Why would I want to run a mile in less than four minutes? I live within a five minute walk of everything I interact with on a daily basis, so why should I cut off my legs and get metal ones just to get there in one minute? I respect it if that appeals to you, but it’s not for me. This never convinces them though. They accuse me of “romanticizing inferiority” whatever that means.

Yes, I know what it literally means, thank you.

I just don’t like being accused of irrationality simple because I’m happy. I guess maybe that’s it isn’t it. Nobody likes me because I’m happy. At least I’m happy about me, about how far I’ve gone. It’s too far for some and not far enough for others, and their not happy about it, but I am. I’m happy with my Brain+, and I’m happy with one arm metal and one meat. I’m happy with the taste of bread and cheese, and I’m happy with walking and enjoying the night.

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  1. Sientir says:

    I like this story overall, but it feels like it ends a little abruptly. Not sure why I felt that way, I guess it just feels like there should be a few more, “I’m happy…” phrases and some sort of concluding sentence or something.

    I do like the thought process going on here, though, as well as the conclusion. He’s happy being himself, and decides he isn’t going to let everyone else’s dissatisfaction steal his happiness away. I wonder how many of them are jealous of his courage to just be himself! 🙂

    Thanks for this story. With so many forces in the world trying to tell us to conform, it is nice to be reminded that that isn’t really all that important. And it also is nice to be reminded to be respectful to those who are different from us, to respect their choices and decisions and to recognize that those choices and decisions are theirs to make; they aren’t trying to make them for us and we shouldn’t try to make them for them.

    See ya in the next comments section. 😀

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