Hardwicks & Gruber Bulldog(tm)

The power of an artillery shell, in the palm of your hand!

12648004_10205610046628407_1085601612_nThe H&G Bulldog ™ promises superb stopping power coupled with deadly precision. Capable of penetrating the armored side of most light tank types*, the Bulldog ™ is perfect for fire teams expecting armored resistance or attacking entrenched positions.

Read these Amazing Testimonials –

“If I’d had five thousand such rifles in Crimea, the war would have been over in two days. One day to send the Russians packing, and one for the party.” – Brigadier General Andy Drueg

“I mean…wow…I think that pig on the firing field is just…just…well it’s f@#*ing gone, sir.” – Warrant Officer Daniel Ulster

“Oi loike et! Et’s besikly ah mahjik “go’way” buttun.” – Bombardier Garrett Francis O’Reilly

The Bulldog ™ is exactly the weapon to round out the modern infantry unit. A heavy hitter with an elegant design. Fit for work on the front lines, or the personal collection of the discerning officer.

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*Not tested against adamantine.

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